About us  
Qualichem Laboratories, established in 1974, located in  Central India at Nagpur having 40 years of experience in the field of   quality assurance and testing services to the   agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, mineral, cosmetics and environmental   industries and  consumers.  Over 35 years M/s Qualichem Laboratories has served industry leaders all around India, as well as, many government and quasi-government organizations.  Qualichem Laboratories is  certified and devoted to provide services through its  experience, knowledge and precision in the analysis of pharmaceutical and ayurvedic  drugs, personal care products, cosmetics, chemicals, food products, minerals, water, effluents and fertilizers. It is located in  Central India at Nagpur.  Qualichem Laboratories is committed to provide essential analytical tools for qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to help the consumer and the industry to ensure the quality of wide range of consumable / non consumable products and chemicals being purchased and sold. Qualichem Laboratories prides itself in pioneering the concept of Quality assurance and Quality control within industrial and local community in Central India.
  About CEO  
Mr. Mukund Nagarnaik is the founder of Qualichem Laboratories. He is a Gold medallist in M.Pharm from Nagpur University. He started his career as an entrepreneur at a young age. He established Qualichem in 1974. Since then, Qualichem Laboratories is the only FDA approved laboratory in Central India region. He is a well-known and revered pharmacist in India. He is also a founder member of CIPPARA. Qualichem Laboratories has reached new heights under his strong and visionary leadership. Superior knowledge of the subject, strong ethics and good professional practices have gained him tremendous respect in this industry and beyond. Qualichem Laboratories is his dream come true. He is an academician, guide and philanthropist. His pursuits range from chemistry to law to education. He is an active member of Rotary Club in Nagpur and has used that platform for conducting various awareness programs for the rural consumers. Qualichem Laboratories is certain to attain new pinnacles of success and glory with every passing year. His dream has not only come true but has enabled everyone associated with Qualichem to dream bigger and better.
To build and expand the strong foundation of the Company offering quality results with consistency and precision based on latest knowledge, equipments, practices and regulations, to the satisfaction of its valued clients.

Build upon the rich tradition & legacy of the Company propelling in the future in a professional way true to the vision of the company.